Dry Out Your Property Completely

Choose us for water damage restoration in Towson or Essex, MD

If your property has been flooded, it's important to remove all moisture ASAP. Drying your property is the best way to minimize the damage. Pick Flood Solutions Inc. as your water extraction team in Towson or Essex, MD. If your belongings aren't properly dried, you could end up with mold problems down the line. As your water damage restoration team, we'll work efficiently to make your property safe again.

Learn more about our restoration services

Learn more about our restoration services

You can trust us to treat your home and belongings with care. Before we begin, we'll let you know what work needs to be done. When we handle water damage restoration, we'll:

  • Get rid of built-up water
  • Remove items that are beyond repair
  • Use specialized equipment to dry surfaces

We'll double check our work to ensure that we haven't missed any areas. If you need immediate water extraction services, call 301-366-5730 today.